Is it possible to whiten teeth with toothpaste?

Answer from: Svetlana:
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There are several types of whitening pastes, with varying degrees of abrasion, one type can be used daily, so the whitening effect will be mild and not very pronounced. Some types of whitening pastes can only be used once a week because of the high content of abrasive particles. The effect of such pastes is correspondingly more pronounced. In any case, I would not recommend bleaching teeth, from my experience, I will say that the whitening increases the sensitivity of teeth. Because of this, it was painful for me to eat cold (apple or ice cream) or hot.

Answer from: Andrey Volykhin:
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Very abrasive whitening toothpaste can really make your teeth a couple of shades lighter, but in no case should you use it all the time to avoid excessive tooth sensitivity.
Such a paste should always be alternated with a preventive and not used every day (at least every other day). It all depends on the particular paste and its abrasiveness.

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