Is there a camera that can render the color of a frame 1:1?

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Any decent camera (with a large sensor, at least APC-S), with a decent lens can adequately render colors.
But there are more problems --
The first problem is the shooting conditions. because the colors depend on the light. On a cloudy day and on a sunny day, colors will be different, although we often do not notice it. different types of light also produce different colors. the light coming straight into your lens (backlighting) can bleach the colors and make the picture look flat and faded.
second -- you were too lazy to use the gray card as a reference, to photograph it in the same conditions as the frame you need. and then set the white balance in the editor according to this map. so that the comp. "knows" what the gray color was under your conditions.
The third -- everything worked, but our cheap monitor did not allow in its quality to display colors well. or not tuned in. Among those who bought good monitors are very few people who are still able to tune them, especially tune them using professional tuning technology.

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