Is there any way to make the Ministry of Culture stop financing blatantly bad movies?

Answer from: Hagall Serpent:
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No, because there is no objective scale of film quality. No, because it's not that easy to predict in advance if a film is going to be good or bad. And great directors have failures, and nobody knows people shoot masterpieces.

Answer from: Veilchen:
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Filmmaking is where the money goes: through kickbacks, through graft, if sponsored, they often launder money through the movies. That is, objective factors do not come first.
In addition, the Ministry of Culture has the right to sponsor whatever it sees fit, it can even give money to an anti-regime film if it is an international festival success (like Leviathan). Maybe they will give money to Mikhalkov because he is a mastodon of cinema (and let's face it, he is), allegedly for a patriotic film, moustachioed everyone on...t, shoot whatever he wants himself, and the Ministry of Culture will pass it off as a patriotic film, with a smart-ass look in a silly situation. Or just give money to an outright slag, for a made to order opportunistic production of unbearable quality, but will account for the money spent on the education of young people (who even for free will not go to see such crap, but the report is a report, the money is considered to have been spent wisely).

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