My boyfriend wants to go to a club (he asks me but I can't) should I let him go there?

Answer from: Andrei Sotonkin:
The lawyer from Saratov - specialization criminal, civil, family and administrative...

You should understand that going to the club does not necessarily mean a succession of new acquaintances with certainly beautiful and slim ladies and continuing at someone's home. Going to a club is first and foremost a way to relax and have a good time on the weekend. 
That's it, no need to get yourself worked up.
Not to let - it means to admit that there is no trust in your relationship. 
And anyway, who are you to not let your boyfriend do anything? No, seriously, what kind of trend is there to limit your mates?. If you yourself say that you can not go, and the guy invited him, then what are you talking about, at least let him go out.

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