My ears are plugged. What does this mean?

Answer from: Yegor Nesterov:
The Insurer...

There can be many reasons for blocked ears:

1. Problem at the level of the outer ear - for example, a wax plug.
2. Problem at the middle ear level - e.g., acute salpingo-otitis.
3. Inner ear problems, such as sensorineural hearing loss.
4. A combination of the three groups of causes described above.
5. Central abnormalities.

To determine the exact cause I think you should consider an ENT doctor or audiologist with an audiological evaluation.

Answer from: Andrey Bikiperov:
Head of Digital Signature...

If both ears are stuffy, the most likely cause is something extra-early. Especially if the blockage is permanent. But you should be examined by an ENT doctor first (examination, audiometry, tympanometry). If ENT pathology is ruled out, you should consult a neurologist.

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