My father works all the time, he comes home in the evening and does nothing. What can you do to entertain him? (38 years old)?

Answer from: Stanislav Smirnov:
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The question is quite complicated.
It all depends on the nature of the person, his psychological state (which depends on a huge number of factors).
Besides, it is strange, he works all the time and gets bored.
When I worked hard all the time (all day long) he only had enough energy to sit for an hour, stare at the wall, go to the shower and pass out in bed.
Maybe he should switch to a less strenuous job?
As for entertainment I can offer a universal super tool - the computer.
People at an age have a hard time getting along with technology, but you can easily teach him how to use a PC in a week.
And the Internet is a whole world: an abundance of movies, games, books, articles, thematic forums, lectures, museums... you'll find something to occupy yourself with.
It seems to me to be the simplest and most universal way to occupy a person.

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