My husband is registered in the apartment of his parents and he and his brother have a share in it. Can My Brother Kick My Husband Out?

Answer from: Vera Golubeva:
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Your husband has the same rights to the apartment as his brother.
So no one can kick him out.
Equity owners may determine the order of use of the apartment by agreement of the parties, and if agreement is not reached, in court.
Remove her husband from the register of registration in the apartment where he has a share in the ownership rights without his application is impossible even in court.
He can always object and prove that his absence from the apartment is temporary or due to ill will with his brother (if there were any).
But he is obligated to pay for the maintenance of his part of the apartment.
If his brother is the only one paying, he can demand that his husband pay part of the rent, in proportion to his share of the property.

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