Nextgen is about new graphics, gameplay, or modern technology? In what game is this nextgen most noticeable today?

Answer from: Ivan Vorobyov:
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"NEXTGEN" translated - "Next Generation". In the game industry, this term refers to projects in which a certain aspect is better than any other game. What hasn't been seen before.
Most often it is the graphical components: Lighting, quality of models, animations, effects, picture in general. However, there are other indicators.

For example, thanks to the Euphoria physics engine, GTA 4 has procedural animation and realistic character physics. This has never been done before in a game of this level and it was something new. The game also had advanced graphics (although not the best), and not bad direction. So we can say about this game "Nextgen".

To date, we can call, say, Last Of Us 2, in which the graphics a decent level, a very good system of animation characters, as well as an interesting AI. Moreover, the game is well put in terms of directing, and all this on a console with not very powerful iron.

I want to draw attention to the fact that the term is rarely applied to games of small genre, even if they have advanced technology. The term is still more used to big-budget games (so-called AAA games).

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