Nietzsche and the horse of Turin. What really happened?

Answer from: Svetlana P.:
Will you be happy if you cast a spell on him? Think about it, if you...

(I tell you, as explained by a philosopher I know - an expert on Nietzsche.)
Nietzsche suffered from epilepsy. You saw the whip flickering, you were thinking about something, you stared - and frequent rhythmic movements can activate the excitable parts of the brain (that is why it is dangerous for epileptics to go to discos with light-music). Which is exactly what happened. Nietzsche had a grand mal seizure (probably, outwardly imperceptible - it happens that way, too). Then the genius began to weep, then to speak (and then to write) in fragments, which is very well seen in "Ecce Homo". Then he finally lost his mind and died.
(For what I bought and for what I sell, I don't claim to be the absolute truth.)

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