"Nits" and "Bastard.". What is the original meaning of these words?

Answer from: Konstantin Zubrilin:
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Paskuda originally meant something vile and disgusting; in another sense, it was synonymous with "spoilage".
The word "Pisspot" It refers to biology. A nits is a louse egg.

Answer from: Andrey Glinka:
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nits - ghida - Jeddah - from people living in Jeddah some people excreted liquid products because they were inhabited by individuals (nits) which also excreted liquid inside them (like leeches in an airplane)
fighting over a piece of meat which, when eaten, causes nits
Pascal - similar to the word Pascal - when a person presses hard on someone he is called a pascal (there are Spanish Escudas - similar to the Jeddas only they have more oxygen)

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