No image on the monitor

Answer from: Valeria Elagina:
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Good afternoon! First of all tell me what model of TV. Secondly, check the power connection on the motherboard to the processor and video card. It is possible that you have not installed a 6 pin power cable to the graphic card. If you have a POST on your motherboard or a speaker, please check the status of the signals. Thirdly check if the graphic card is connected to the motherboard, it happens that people don't install the motherboard all the way.

Answer from: Lisa Borysenko:
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Hello. If you connected everything correctly, have you reset the bios settings on the motherboard. Also try to run with 1 memory stick in different slots. Also if possible try running with a different video card, or use a processor with embedded video.
Also if you have a beeper or post code indicator. Try to connect.

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