Please clarify where the sound is coming from, on hdmi if the wire is connected directly to the video card?

Answer from: Stanislav Invest:
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About the differences between the audio devices on the motherboard and the graphics card: they are essentially identical in sound characteristics, but the device on the graphics card has only STEREOUT, t.е. You will not see any surround sound, and it is impossible to connect a microphone to the sound output for communication. In the motherboard on the audio device in addition to the output (different cards have a different number of channels can be 2-Stereo, 6-classic home theater circuit with 5 speakers + sub, or 8-presence effect Dolby Digital Surround. In addition to that there is a line input audio (for players, receivers, etc.) and a microphone input

Answer from: Egor Aniskevich:
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To make the second audio device appear in the panel, you must connect speakers (headphones or AUX cable) into the green connector on the back of the system unit, then switch in the sound panel to the connected device (to the monitor from the motherboard sound can only be transferred through the AUX cord-check for jack on the monitor) through the HDMI port sound from the motherboard sound card is not transmitted in any way

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