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Answer from: Albina V.:
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Good afternoon, ie.е. There is a choice between a well-to-do life and a girl who can do nothing but give. As someone with experience, I know that you will not be satisfied with sex in six months, well maaaakimum in a year, the passion will pass, and then you do not know what will happen, so that only a very unwise person can bet on the second. Or just choose the one which you like, and there the grass does not grow.

Answer from: Anna Yuzhnaya:
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It's a strange question to ask: Rich or beloved. I don't think there's much to choose from, if it wasn't for the addition of... Rich, and in a long-term relationship. And with a sweetheart like that, it's not long?
I don't think anyone's looking into a girl's pocket except for some alphonists and crooks. And then, to choose rich or not will not even be a question - it will be she who will go over the head

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