Should you be offended at your friend if he unsubscribes from you on another social network's instagram?

Answer from: Anna Southern:
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Does this play a major role in your communication? If it's a pen pal and this is what he's doing, then everything is clear and understandable. But if it's a friend with whom you communicate in reality, then you just need to ask why he did this (no offense, of course). Maybe he just decided to give up on social networks, changed:deleted the page or decided to check whether you notice or not. And in general, a reply is no reason to be offended, imho. Good friends are hard to find, but easy to lose)

Answer from: Il Burbero:
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Of course I have a classmate with whom I studied signed up for me in Insta and I signed up for her, then she began to offer to buy expensive makeup from her. But I refused and she unsubscribes from me. So these days friendship is commercial I also unsubscribed from it

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