The girl broke up with me and I did a very stupid thing. ¶¶ I scared her when I was drunk ¶¶. Will she forget it?

Answer from: Mertsalov V.:
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It is unlikely she will forget. Well, maybe in tens of years.
Because, most likely, for her it is an important life experience: that the close man in a drunken state can appear terrible, dangerous for her.
By the way, if this somehow also resonates with her childhood experience - I mean, daddy could become a beast when he got drunk, then she will remember what happened between you much more reliably.
Anyway, you guys broke up. Your relationship is already over, and with the experience she's had, she's going to have to deal with it somehow.
You might feel ashamed, so it's an experience for you, too.
When I make a mistake, I usually go by the algorithm:
1) what did I do right in this situation (yes! You should always start by supporting yourself, not shoving your boots under the bench)
2) What I will do differently next time in these situations?
3) What can I do to minimize the damage?
We all mess up and do idiotic things. If you are a living person, you can't avoid it. The question is, what conclusions we draw for ourselves from our mistakes?.

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