The person is very reluctant to let anyone into their social circle, often ignores them. He says he is not used to it and has no desire to get used to it. How is it possible to adapt to such a person, to get closer to him?

Answer from: Irina Kozlova:
Librarian, dacha worker, volunteer to work with stray animals...

I see only two possible reasons for your desire to get close to a person who does not want to be approached: you are either a professional scout or a professional criminal)
If your need for intimacy is not motivated by professional interest, then getting under the "under the skin" to a person accustomed to loneliness you take too much responsibility for his (and your) subsequent emotional health. Loners are not quite adequate in communicating with people who arouse their affection after a long period of self-isolation; they perceive such "deliverers" and relationships with them too seriously) So Saint-Exupéry's famous phrase "We are responsible for those we have tamed" - is not an empty phrase. (Can you pull it off?) 
If you do not care about the object, but the case is important, then all the techniques are standard: "mirroring" - "fine-tuning" - "leading".
 At the first stage, you pretend to be like him - a proud, self-sufficient loner, unused to close contacts. 
Having thus attracted his attention, you look for his behavior and thinking peculiar nuances, reproduce them, and, as if surprised, draw his attention to your casual, but surprising resemblance to him. 
Having at last achieved that the object begins to perceive you as itself, as its reflection, you start to play the role of its inner voice, its second "Я", with which loners usually communicate in private with themselves. And, as this voice, you invite him to sign, or whatever else you need)

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