The problem with the Bluetooth gamepad

Answer from: Valeria Vasilyeva:
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So, first of all I would try to **update the drivers for the gamepad** (automatically or from the manufacturer's website) and also check **the control settings in the game itself:** maybe it does not support automatic switching to the controller you use, so before starting the game you should disable the mouse to have only the gamepad control.
If even after that the control keeps changing automatically, you can:
- **contact the game support **and check what settings you need to set in the system, so that during the game you will be able to use only the gamepad
- **Check with the manufacturer **and find out which system settings you need to set on your device to avoid this problem (especially important if the switching occurs not only in one game, but in all games).
If after this you still have not solved the problem, you can contact the dealer or the manufacturer's service center: **Perhaps there is a defect in the gamepad and it should be repaired or replaced** (if it is still under warranty).

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