The window is, you could say, new (1 year). Already changed the sealing rubber twice, but the passage of cold air and noise remains, what's the matter?

Answer from: Anastasia Matveeva:
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Galina, there can be several reasons for blowing through.
1. Fault in the manufacture of windows - the wrong dimensions of the sash and frame, which resulted in too little overlap of the sash. As a rule it should be 8mm, if it is less - there can be both blowing and low sound insulation. To check it simply: put a pencil around the sash so that this line was visible on the frame and after opening the sash measure the distance.
2. Insufficient contact between the sash and the frame, when the strips are not properly installed and the fittings simply do not properly press the sash.
3. The thickness of the gasket is insufficient and no matter how many times you change it for the same one, it will not be able to close the gap between the sash and the frame.
4. Mounting errors, when the frame is too stretched and in the central part of the overlap of the sash on the frame is not enough.
5. Blowing under the top hinge - this is a design feature of all hinges when they slightly push up the seal.

As a rule, if there is significant air puffing, you can find several reasons. Only a skillful craftsman can correct the situation. The window is new, for sure it is under warranty period. Call a specialist and demand a comprehensive examination to identify the causes.

Answer from: Marina Zdorovtseva:
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Good day, it is possible unqualified installation, there is the so-called "barrel", when the frame is stretched in the middle, in which case replacing the gasket will not do the trick, it must be rewired.

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