Was there a person (woman) in Jesus' life who made his heart race when he saw her?

Answer from: Olga Zubareva:
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Of course. That was His Mother, the Virgin Mary.
St. Hosemaria Escriva describes their encounter on Christ's Way of the Cross to Calvary in this way:
"Barely up after His first fall, Jesus meets His Most Holy Mother by the road He was walking on. With boundless love Mary looks at Jesus, and Jesus looks at His Mother. Their gazes meet, and their hearts pour all their pain into each other. Mary's soul is filled with bitter sorrow, the sorrow of Jesus Christ: Let it not be so with you, all who pass the way! Look and see if there is a sickness like my sickness, which has befallen me..! (Lamentations 1:12). But no one noticed, no one paid attention; only Jesus. Simeon's prediction was fulfilled: And a weapon will pass over your very soul (Luke 2:35).
In the bitter loneliness of the Lord's Passion, Our Lady gives Her Son the healing balm of tenderness, unity, faithfulness; their complete fusion is in the will of God.
Jesus was waiting to meet His Mother. How many childhood memories! Bethlehem, far away Egypt, Nazareth. And now He wants Her by His side".

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