What about begonia?

Answer from: Albina V.:
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Natalia, Greetings.
Very sorry to hear that your plant is not feeling well.
Begonias need high humidity but you shouldn't spray the leaves. This can cause burns. You can spray the air around the plant itself.
Lighting should be bright and diffuse, but away from direct sunlight.
Drying out of the leaf tips indicates too dry air. If there are brown spots, which are then covered with a gray patina, it may be a gray rot. In this case, the plant should be isolated, cut off the affected leaves and sprayed with a nonspecific fungicide. Put it in a more ventilated and less shaded room and avoid high humidity.
There may be several reasons for leaf drop. If the stems are thin and poorly foliated - not enough light; if the leaves are dry and curled - too high a temp. If the leaves are rotting and wilting - too much moisture in the soil.
I hope you find my advice helpful! Good health to your plant.
Regards, Anastasia. Flowers on Pogodinskaya and the staff of the florist laboratory "Insomnia of Flowers". The world where everything is fine...

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