What are some modern worthy monographs on the Bronze Age catastrophe?

Answer from: Vitaly Lesin:
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No, I don't. My knowledge of antiquity is fragmentary and I am practically not interested in it, therefore in each question on this subject I refer to Mr. Selitsky who is active here. It's better not to ask me about such things :) "At the Bolshoi let them sing, I'll operate and there will be no more ruins..."

Answer from: Maxim F.:
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If it's straightforwardly modern, then number one would obviously go to "1177 B.C.э. The year that civilization fell". Just keep in mind that the book, despite the title, covers a historical period and well before the KBV.

More work could be suggested "The End of The Bronze Age: Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca 1200 BC". She is a little "older than" (1995), but she'll do.

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