What are the commonalities and differences between the terms "colonial policy" and "colonial policy"?

Answer from: Igor O.:
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Colonial policy implies a policy of colonizing land, that is, actually creating a colony in a place where there was none. A colonizer is a person who creates a colony, I think it is clear. How he creates a colony is another question (conquering a state or creating a settlement from scratch)
A colonial policy is a policy of managing the colony itself, i.e., not of creating it. Naturally, colonial policy takes colonies and other countries into account and is actually aimed at maintaining the life and usefulness of the colony, and if possible, expanding it at the expense of annexing foreign colonies or starting to colonize new lands.
That is, colonial policy - the policy of creating a colony either by conquering a heavily backward state (states, tribes, whatever) or by settling empty lands with settlers.
Colonial policy - a policy of working with colonies that have already been established.

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