What compatible toner to put in the cartridge 051h?

Answer from: Sergey Ushkin:
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The one that says HP CF218:230. The Canon cartridge is an HP branded development. Until compatible toners developed for these cartridges came along, they used black toner from the HP 1215 color printer. Worked as well, but it came out a little expensive.

Answer from: Vyacheslav d3su:
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In this model of the original cartridge Canon 051H toner is chemical (produced by chemical synthesis). Toner is suitable for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Pro M102a, M102w, M130a, M130fw, M130fn, M130nw by cartridge type. Hewlett-Packard called this type of toner Precision Black and ColorSphere 3 with a reduced melting point.
There is a large selection of compatible toner on the market for these cartridges. Here are some stable manufacturers to choose from, both in quality and price.
Static Control (Usa) Toner Type -TRHM102
Imex Toner (Japan) Type -AJI
Toner TTi (Vietnam) Type -T127-1
HANDAN Toner (China) Toner Type -551-4

Answer from: Eugene Z.:
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The analogue of this cartridge (more precisely, the cartridge from which this 051H was copied) was HP CF218:230, so it is best and easiest to choose this model as an analogue.

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