What conditions do you have to throw yourself into in order to grow up when you're 21?

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What it means to grow up? What it means to quit? What conditions? On what issues can you not call yourself an adult? In which you are already mature? 
Without answering at least these questions, it is impossible to answer yours fully, because there are no so-called maturity schools and events that everyone has to go through. So, at school I once overheard a conversation between classmates, who didn't really hide it. A tenth-grade girl asked her friend: "You're already 16 and you've never had an abortion? What? How have you ever lived?". Maybe if she were on this site, she would have told you that, too. 
So, you need to define for yourself not only the areas in which you can't call yourself immature, but also where you got the idea in the first place. Do you or the people around you think so? If you - from what age:life period? I bet that when you were a teenager at about 13, you thought you were pretty mature) 
Also answer the question for yourself, what makes you feel childish. What are the perks of it? There are definitely advantages, answer as sincerely as you can.
If you have a strong desire to grow up, go to a specialist, he may be able to help you, because on the whole this is a very good request for personal psychotherapy.

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