What do the anus and the universe have in common?

Answer from: Boris Zakharenko:
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I guess the universe's anus is a portal to oblivion. Every day at dawn the sun god Ra sails his magic boat across the ocean of the Milky Way. Gathering grave sins, bad deeds and filthy words from all over the universe, the sun god sails to the anus. Dissecting the gravitational waves on his boat, Ra, approaching the anus of the universe, throws a huge blob of evil into the anus. Space warps, time slows down, and the universe, purging, spews the blob of evil into oblivion. A new day is coming: the skylarks are awakening and serenading the beauty of spring, the groves of gray hairs are dressed in flowery attire, and the sunflowers have awakened, turning their face to the sun. The earth triumphs! And Ra is leisurely rowing down the river of stars to his home. He needs to rest and gather strength for tomorrow he'll face a new day and again he'll have to scavenge the shit of civilizations. And so begins a new branch of the cycle of life on Earth.

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