What does RL.Tolstoy about cucumbers?

Answer from: Alexei P.:
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The point of Tolstoy's story "The Man and the Cucumbers" is that any violation of the law leads to punishment. The main character climbed into someone else's garden in order to steal cucumbers and, dreaming about it, betrayed himself, after which he was seized by those who were guarding the garden.
Tolstoy's story teaches us not to dream in vain, but to make an effort for more real things.

Answer from: Denis Nikonovich:
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The short story "The Man and the Cucumbers" is designated by the writer himself as a fable.

On the one hand, it is a story of a thief finding swift retribution (the man went to steal cucumbers, he was caught).

On the other hand, for some reason many people understand it as a fable about how bad it is to "tell your plans. It's a strange idea, because the man was only "telling his plans" to himself. He was ruined by the fact that he got lost in daydreaming, obsessed with the future, which depends on the present moment, and forgot about this moment. One could have deduced the following moral: concentrate on the present, on the work at hand. But the man's current job was theft...

Such an ambiguous fable.

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