What does the Scientology cross mean?

Answer from: Pavel Devyatkin:
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The Scientology cross is a religious symbol that expresses the essence of its doctrine. Scientology identifies eight parts of life, called dynamics, through which each individual strives to survive. So in addition to the four ends of the cross, the cross of Scientology also has four rays running diagonally out of the center. Together, the ends and the rays symbolize the eight dynamics.

Answer from: Irina Kozlova:
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The primary meaning of the cross in Scientology is spirit and the difficulties in its movement through our physical universe. The horizontal is the physical universe and the vertical is the spirit. The cross thus shows the spirit rising triumphantly upward, eventually overcoming the chaos of the physical universe to attain salvation.

Answer from: CMZ-Alliance:
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The Scientology test consists of a regular cross and a four-pointed star, and each edge means the following:
1. Ego, self
2. Creation, gender, and family
3. Group, family, community
4. The human race
5. All living things in general
6. Matter, energy, space, and time
7. Spirit
8. Absolute, higher spirit

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