What familiar dishes and drinks were invented during Soviet times because of food shortages?

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Coming to mind "navy macaroni", processed cheese and beer "Zhigulevskoe". В "noodles by the fleet" went into the meat after cooking the broth for the first course. In this dish it is impossible to determine the amount of meat put into it, and the dish is delicious. Melted cheese came from the fact that hard cheeses were in short supply. A striking example of our time: they banned imports of cheese and we had a sharp increase in the production of cheese products (a modern euphemism for the good old processed cheese). For the production of traditional beer in the USSR they did not have enough barley, so they invented the recipe of beer with rice and called it "Zhigulevskoye"

Answer from: Andrey Smirnov:
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I can't remember a single dish because of food shortage. We could change ingredients, we could eat what we had, but we invented nothing new. First, all the dishes of "poverty" had already been invented in previous eras. Secondly, there was not so much a shortage of products, as a shortage of them, that is, it was difficult to buy them (you had to look where the product was sold, stand in a queue, or buy on the market for a high price - there were always products on the market). There was no hunger in Soviet times, there was a problem with buying food.
In the 90's in some places or social. groups really went hungry, but then there was food for the poor, gum. help and so on.
In general, nothing appeared.

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