What happens to models when they age? Who goes to work after? I would like to hear specific examples from life.

Answer from: Maria:

Some of my colleagues work in modeling agencies after their careers. Usually in the position of a booker (model agent) or a scout (someone who looks for models).
But of course, not all. Basically, I guess, follow the path of the chosen profession in the institute, or star in video advertising. There are also cases where they go to stylists:makeup artists, or develop other creative skills.

Answer from: Game Country:
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the length of a modeling career is about 15 years, compared to the average person's job, about 5-6 years in the same company, or even less.  modeling is now at a level where models are very smart and educated girls, they know several languages, they are good at communicating, and most often they study by correspondence. I don't know "adult models", Because at any age a girl is beautiful, and if a model keeps a good tone, proper nutrition, then she can work at 50 years old (the example of Carmen Dell'Orefice)! After all, models make so much money (I'm talking about professionals) that after their great career, even if she was not the top, can enjoy the rest of his life enjoying his beautiful apartment in Manhattan, and babysitting beautiful granddaughters

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