What is a Libra Woman Born in the Year of the Monkey?

Answer from: Pavel Golubev:
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The zodiac sign Libra belongs to the direction of western astrology.
Monkey is a sign from Chinese astrology.
These are two different areas of astrology, which is not very correct to combine with each other.
Libra - it means that the Sun at the time of your birth was in the sign of Libra. But in addition to the Sun there are other planets, which are also taken into account in the interpretation of your horoscope. So give a characteristic only on the basis of the zodiac sign of the Sun - is not correct.
Libra belongs to the element Air. Libra is usually described as a very intelligent zodiac sign. They are ruled by Venus, and Venus is responsible for beauty, aesthetics, sense of beauty. As a consequence, these qualities are passed on to Libra. Libras like communication, conversation, very companionable. For them, building partnerships is critical. It can be difficult to make decisions, you need other people's opinions. However! This is only a rough guess, t.к. the character is influenced by the positions of the other planets, too! For example, if a person has Saturn noticeably involved in his chart, then there will be no trace of lightness and sociability, even if the person is a Libra 100 times.

Those born in the year of the Monkey according to the Eastern horoscope can be characterized as fairly astute people, with their ingenuity, in some ways even cunning, but, at the same time, honesty. But my behavior is provocative. Monkeys like "to poke people" at people and watch their reactions. And when people are offended, Monkeys often don't understand why. Т.к. provocative and prickly communication is natural for them.

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