What is right: to be a whiner or never tell anyone about your problems?

Answer from: Vasily Shche:
A biologist, analyst...

You probably know yourself that not all difficulties in life are problems. Well, you should handle minor difficulties which you can cope with alone, without any help, in silence. Then you won't be a whiner. when it comes to real problems, you often need someone else's opinion or help to solve them. In these cases, you may even need to turn to a close person for support.
Don't go to extremes (the whiner, or no one, ever), choose the happy medium.

Answer from: Tudor:
Briefly about myself : my parents are not ashamed....

Problem solving is generally a killer solution when everyone is on the plus side.
And so, you can share your worries with your loved ones, but not 24:7. No one really likes Stonot - the harsh truth of life.

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