What is the difference between the first love and the new love?

Answer from: Shermuҳammad:
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Ready to catch minuses and all, however I will still say that a person loves once, in my opinion.
If we're talking about the first and subsequent loves, then absolutely nothing, because the same love is characterized by exactly the same state of a person. You know, trembling knees, shyness, some stiffness, etc.
As for love, I can say that a man who fell in love once will love for the rest of his life. A breakup, some critical situations - absolutely nothing would break that feeling.
All subsequent relationships will be very, very similar to the previous ones, and all because the person will try to replace the lost loved one with the one who is now around. It's a giveaway game, in my opinion, a totally stupid thing, for both you lie to yourself and the person next to you. Either don't tell them you love them, or don't start a relationship if you want to stay honest.

Answer from: Star Lesnikov:
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Distinguished by everything. 
The first is the first. The immature organism begins to love, sees the world in rosy color, thinks that this crush will last a lifetime. Then it passes and the next love comes. And it's not like the first one. There is no naivety that it will last forever. You realize that all good things come to an end. There may be a million of such loves, but you remember that first, naive and a little bit childish love all your life) Not with the goal to return it, but just to keep it as a pleasant memory.

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