What is the name of a pajamas, long as a coat?

Answer from: Roma the Beast:
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"Redingote (fr. redingote, distorted from Eng. riding coat) - a type of clothes for riding lessons, which was something between a coat and a long overcoat with straight floors and a shawl collar. As a rule, the redingote was double-breasted, had a close fitting silhouette with a slit in the back, sometimes it was supplemented with a cape. It belonged to both men and ladies closet.
The redingote first appeared in Britain, came into fashion in the 1770s and was widely spread in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Throughout the 18th century redingotes were worn over camisoles and caftans, in the 19th century the redingote became more dressy, and during the Second French Empire they were worn only on solemn occasions. Later the term "redingote" was applied to many other items of men's closet with similar cuts: coats, full coats, etc. д."

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