What is the oddity of Chatsky from Sophia's point of view?

Answer from: Romina G.:
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Chatsky had been in love with Sophia for a long time and she liked him too, they had a lot in common. But then he goes abroad, and when he returns, it seems to him that his feelings are still the same, and maybe even stronger than before. But he fails to realise at first that Sophia has changed and that he himself is no longer the same, more caustic and cynical, he sees the evils of society and people and is not inclined to keep quiet about them. Chatsky notices that Sophia treats him differently, but does not understand why, and becomes more and more irritated, unwittingly hurts her with sarcastic words, tries to find out who is in her heart now and often criticizes Molchaline, and gets not in the forehead but in the eye. Sophia does not like it, she even irritates him and admonishes him, calling such behaviour strange.

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