What is the subconscious purpose of careerists?

Answer from: Aglaia Chepyzhova:
Zoologist by training, psychologist by vocation. I live in Ireland, that's what I'm talking about...

There are variants, but in most cases it is a desire to get love. I was once even told that the more money a girl earns, the better sex she has.
It also often happens that a person is driven by the fear of poverty, and so he climbs higher in order to earn more.
It all depends on your childhood history. All our lives we've been practicing our childhood program. In any case, until we get our heads together.

Answer from: Svetlana Karmanova:
I have a psychological education. I am interested in the world order....

It depends on the peculiarities of a person, his childhood and social environment.
More often than not, careerists strive to earn recognition, attention, personal dignity.

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