What kind of need persecutes people to work at the age of 68?

Answer from: Elena:
Knead biscuit dough from 6 eggs, 200g sugar, a pinch of salt, 150g...

As a rule, a real need, not enough money to live on. However, there are just very active retirees who are bored at home, for them work is an excuse "go out", socialize with people. There are also professionals who really have no one to replace them at work, the usual responsibility does not allow them to go quietly to a well-deserved rest.

Answer from: Dmitry K.:

A different set of factors. Dependent on external or internal processes.
The first thing that comes to mind. People don't work for a good living. At all times, not just at 68. This very presence of work in human thinking causes rejection oppressing human dignity.
On the other hand. We have Engels' ideas. Which describes: Labor enriches an individual's thinking and gives it a human outline.
Perhaps for some people the work does make sense. As it is expressed in labor. Which gives and keeps the outlines of humanity and liveliness of mind, and does not make of old age a semblance of vacation fading with a wandering and seeking dementia mind.
My grandfather, for example, worked until he was 87 years old and his mind was clear and alive. Read a lot and traveled a lot. He was a very cheerful and lively man.

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