What movie to watch that motivates you to get better?

Answer from: Alina:
Copywriter, I am fond of psychology and philosophy. I like art and fashion...

Gandhi. It all makes sense.
It's a wonderful life. In the U.S., it's shown every Christmas. Very inspiring.
In the wilderness. The real story of how a guy got fed up with his life and took a trip across the country.
Fight Club. After every viewing, I wanted to radically change my life.

Answer from: Alexei Nikolenko:
Everything about beekeeping, d.б.н., prof. Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, UB RAS...

Although too hackneyed a film, but there's little if anyone has not yet taken the time to see it. Personally, I am motivated by "1+1", I watch it several times a year and always get a charge of kindness and motivation. Although I'm a rather callous person, but I do not know how you can remain indifferent after this work.

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