What number must be multiplied by 42 to get the difference of the numbers 500 and 38?

Answer from: Alena C.:
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Let's make a complex equation for clarity:
Х*42= 500-38
To find the answer, you must first find what is the difference between the numbers 500 and 38. 500-38 =462.
Now write down the simple equation after finding the difference:
X is the first factor. Find the unknown multiplier by dividing the value of the product by the known multiplier:
Hence X=11.
You can do a check:
Correct answer.

Answer from: Ivan Vorobyov:
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The difference between 500 and 38 is 462(500-38).
Then, to know what number to multiply, it is necessary to divide the difference by 42.
It turns out that the required number is 11.

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