What phobias do you have?

Answer from: alice2014:
My interests: varied, but the following can be highlighted: literature, history...

I do not know precisely, whether it is possible to name it a phobia, or it is more likely to approach paranoia, but personally for me it already is a phobia.
Before leaving somewhere in my apartment, I walk through it several times and check if I have turned off everything, from tap water to the gas stove. The worst part comes afterwards. I close the door and check a few times to make sure I've closed it. Then I frantically start winding myself up: did I close the door, did I turn off the gas, and didn't I leave the refrigerator open?
To be honest, I've already videotaped myself closing the door, etc.д.
And it all started with the simplest thing: once I did not close the door. And that's when it started.
Once again, it is more like paranoia, but for me it is already phobia!

Answer from: Andrey Smirnov:
Interested in everything, little by little. By profession an analyst in IT. Self-taught musician...

All that I will now list are not just petty fears, but real phobias. Some of the ones listed sometimes evoke the very fear that makes " that makes you cringe.. " и
" a chill down my spine "
- Fear of mannequins
- loud noises (fireworks, train noise, vacuum cleaner, drill, hammering)
- I'm terrified of getting lost (I don't know my way around at all) 
- afraid that someone will shoot me drunk (in our town recently shot a cab driver because of political differences, and always feared, now not in vain)
- I am afraid of the dark (it always seems that someone is following me)
- Afraid to look out the window at night (I live on the first floor)
- I'm afraid to go crazy and not understand when it has happened and that it has happened in principle!
- Start talking to myself in public 
- fall asleep and never wake up
- fall ill with an incurable disease 
- grow old in body but not in soul (I'm in my early 20s, but my hands are already getting old. I don't understand it and I'm scared that it's happening)
- die young 
That's pretty much it.

Answer from: Anastasia P.:
Who does not ask anything, he will not learn anything....

I am very much afraid of heights. For example, when I look out of the window of the fifth floor, it seems to me as if there are all 9 and my knees start to shake terribly.

Answer from: Konstantin Zubrilin:
I work as a system administrator in a hospital...

I used to hate looking at naked bodies. Seeing them in real life or in works of art wasn't really important. It made me feel embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted. It gradually turned into a phobia and sometimes into paranoia. 
But with time I began to look at it completely differently: the bodies no longer seemed indecent to me. I learned to see the natural beauty in them, and in absolutely all bodies.

Answer from: Margarita Ryzhkova:
Employee of the Admissions Committee of the University "Synergy"👩🎓...

The worst fear is the fear of loneliness, the other phobias are easier to cope with than this one I'm trying to fight it with all my might, but it's a who's who.

Answer from: Konstantin Kitaev:
Ph.D. in biology, head of the testing laboratory......

Afraid of heights - nausea, dizziness, fainting spells.
I'm afraid of speeds above 80 km.
But the most phobia is fear of earthquake, after Sochi 12th I couldn't sleep for a week, I had nightmares for a couple more years, I had to be treated by psychotherapist and I'm still afraid.

Answer from: Ivan Vorobyov:
Naturally educated in science, and in my youth I was addicted to literature...

There's a whole bunch of them! From the most innocuous to those that interfere with a full life. I will write about the ones that come to mind, otherwise the list would be too long if I write about all of them at once. I don't know if these are phobias or not - just fears:
1.   I'm afraid of crawlers and some flying critters. Spiders are particularly frightening. (By the way, I want to stuff a spider in my place somewhere 😂); 
2. For the reason from the first point, I'm afraid to go out into nature in the warm season; 
3. Afraid of suddenly losing my memory (partially or completely). 
4. I am afraid of losing my mind because of some disease; 
5. Afraid of living to a ripe old age (60+ for me personally) for the reason mentioned in paragraph 13;
6. Afraid of dying before my parents and loved ones, of bringing them pain and suffering with my passing;
7. Afraid of experiencing the death of my relatives and loved ones;
8. Afraid of being forgotten;
9. I am hysterical about flying, but I intend to overcome this fear; 
10. Afraid of using a gas stove and other gas-powered appliances; 
11. Afraid of encountering ball lightning; 
12. Afraid of my future for fear of not doing what I dream of doing and regretting it;
13. Afraid of becoming disabled, unable to take care of myself (better to die); 
14. I'm afraid of disfiguring my face and body as a result of an accident; 
15. Afraid to cripple the lives of innocent people and basically any life (every life is valuable if it does not bring suffering and cruelty); 
16. I fear that my children (possible) may become criminals (murderers, maniacs, perverts, etc.).п.); 
17. Afraid to have children for the reason stated in item 16;
18. Afraid to die an ugly, stupid, horrible death; 
19. Afraid of what will happen to my loved ones; 
20. Afraid to see other people's pain and suffering (t.к. I project it on myself and can not control it), I am afraid to see someone get stabbed, cut, etc.п.; 
21. I'm afraid of being near corpses and seeing death; 
22. Afraid of losing my eyesight; 
23. "Better not to do it at all than to do it badly" - I don't think it's fear, more like a perfectionist's hiccup; 
24. Afraid of pain, very afraid; 
25. I'm afraid to be alone for a long time; 
26. I am afraid of the crazy people; 
27. Afraid to die and, as vanilla as it sounds... Okay, that's personal, kk); 
28. Afraid of drugs and being around them... (once when I was a kid, I was even afraid someone might plant some powder in my backpack on the way out); 
29. Afraid of heights.
 That's it, born) In principle, that's all, like.

Answer from: Elsa M.:
Hello everyone, I mean hello. :) I'm an optimist in life, a naturalist, a gardener...

Acrophobia - fear of heights.
Nyctophobia - fear of the dark.
Homophobia - aversion to gays.
Nomophobia - fear of being without communication or telephone.
Agraphobia - fear of being raped.
Algophobia is the fear of experiencing pain.
Atyhyphobia - fear of making a mistake.
Cynophobia is a fear of dogs.
Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces.
Gymnophobia - fear of nudity.
Tocophobia is the fear of getting pregnant.
Taphobia, the panicked fear of being buried alive.

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