What professions will be in demand after quarantine?

Answer from: Evgeny Kuzmishin:
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A lot depends on how long the restrictive measures will last and what state the economy will be in. There will definitely continue to be a demand for labor and production personnel - these areas have been experiencing staff shortages for years, and since most manufacturing plants are not stopping working in the current situation, the need for personnel will remain.
There will be a demand for medics - firstly, it is also a deficit sphere, and secondly, due to the current restrictions on routine treatment after the quarantine is lifted, many will go to hospitals not with a virus, but with a chronic disease, in order to prevent, etc.д..
The demand for IT professions, programmers in particular, is also likely to be quite high - self-isolation, relocation of employees to remote work have created an additional burden on the IT industry, and most likely it will not get significantly lower with the end of restrictive measures. Moreover, digitization today permeates literally all spheres of activity, a virus does not prevent it - and a good programmer, system administrator, site optimization specialist, etc.д. Are needed in a wide variety of companies, from manufacturing to the service industry.

Answer from: Elena P.:
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Clearly not the professions that are associated with tourism, because as practice has shown, even copywriters who write about tourism, are left out in such a force majeure:)
There will be demand for professions and activities related to the work on the Internet, for example, still need programmers, developers, designers, copywriters. Home delivery is actual, courier without a break worked in the pandemic period.

Home-based businesses are relevant, e.g., making homemade clothing, sex toys.

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