What programs are the best to clean the system from the tails and "unremovable" files?

Answer from: Timofey Lvovich Favorsky:
I am a technical support specialist for computer-related systems...

I recommend to look at the program CCleaner, it can help with cleaning and optimizing the system. But be careful, all cleaners and optimizers want to earn, so they will offer to install a bunch of unnecessary applications, carefully read the terms and carefully check the checkboxes at installation!!! And little-known applications and even with itself can put the virus and adware applications, as well as free antivirus, such as 360, and the effect of such an installation will be the opposite.
If you need to remove a file that can not be removed, look at the program Unloker, even its portable version can remove files that can not be removed, as well as files occupied by other programs.

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