What qualities can help develop running through quite deep sand? Does it make sense to run?

Answer from: Anastasia M.:
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There is a sense in this running and it is better to treat it as an additional, completely separate kind of training. That is, in no way should you take your normal workout, much less a long one, and run on the sand as on the asphalt or stadium track. Because to run in the sand more difficult, involved those muscles that usually idle, respectively, they are not trained, because of this you can easily quickly injured.
But in small "doses" is very useful to do such training, especially barefoot. If you are sure that the sand does not harbor shards of glass and other dangers, try running barefoot, but you should start with a couple hundred meters, in any case do not run many at once. The advantages and disadvantages of running in the sand. The instability it creates puts extra strain on muscles in the body that wouldn't normally be exercised, but there's a chance of twisting your leg because of this instability (ankle injuries are the most common problem).

Answer from: lenschilova:
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Running in the sand actively develops leg muscles - it is known, for example, that the early success of Brazilian soccer was due to the fact that the future soccer players spent their childhood playing soccer on the beach. At the same time, running in the sand greatly increases the load on the ankle and knees, so you have to be very careful with this kind of running.

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