What's an atheist to do who wishes God existed?

Answer from: Anton Vagin:
leader of the band Mare and Corpse-Eyed Toads, author of the youtube and telegram channel "Anything...

Hello, if your desire is specifically related to religious affiliation, there are religions that do not emphasize the concept of Gods or the concept of "God" is rather blurred.

Answer from: Anastasia P.:
He who asks nothing will learn nothing....

You just have to "look around" around us, the life that surrounds us and that we experience in ourselves is a manifestation of God, 
And whether we want it or not, the very existence of Life-God will not change. 
It is enough just to stop deceiving yourself by making wrong conclusions, even if logically obvious, but based on inherently false data. 
Atheism develops trivially simple. First it's blatant ignorance, 
and then.. "revelation" the school idea of superstitious ancestors 
and finally the very false notion imposed by blind religious and atheistic fanaticism, from which all false conclusions are derived..

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