What's the best app on your computer to create electronic music?

Answer from: Dmitry M:
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There are quite a lot of programs for creating music on the PC and there is no definite answer to this question.
For beginners who have never made music in general, the product line eJay will do for a start. With their help, the easiest way to master the basic principles and skills needed to create music tracks and arrangements. Understand basic terms and concepts such as "sample", "tempo", "beat", "synthesis" and others, in my opinion eJay will help you better than others, because this program uses a library of ready-made sounds and fragments, which you need to place on the playlist in the right sequence and combine them with each other.
Once you understand the basic principles you can move on to more serious programs like Cubase, FL Studio (FruityLoops), Ableton Live. It is better to begin with FL Studio because this program is the easiest to learn, notwithstanding its numerous possibilities. There are ready to use as examples of compositions that are easy to disassemble in detail and understand the principle of constructing a melody. The same as eJay, the program is suitable for people who do not have musical education.
Each of the programs has its pros and cons, so electronic artists rarely use one particular program, but combine the work of several programs, using the strengths of each of them at different stages of the work on the track.
Besides software very useful help will be at least basic musical education and midi keyboard.

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