What sizes of women's clothing are most in demand?

Answer from: Inertiatic ESP:
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My sizes are always gone and this is **xs-s**. I don't know if they're in crazy demand, or if they're originally made smaller than the rest, but it's a fact. All sorts of discounted stale shelves usually leave L, XL and above.

Answer from: George Stepico:
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I answer as someone who worked in a clothing store. At the time of delivery, women's clothing is often brought in sizes: xs - 2 pieces; s - 3 pieces; m - 3 pieces; L - 3 pieces; XL - 2 pieces. Every store, I think, has different numbers, but the principle is the same: since it is demand that generates supply, you can see that "Medium" There are always more sizes - the manufacturers send them and therefore make more.
However, from experience, I can say that the small sizes go like hotcakes. Others, from M to XL, really are longer, but they have their own buyer.
In the sale period, people go crazy and rake it all in a row)

Answer from: bratishkinoff:
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I also think the biggest demand is size S and M, as well as in stores most of the supply is in this size. I personally am lucky, I have S-ca, so I'm not afraid to order things online store, for example in this: often there are discounts on clothing. So, if you search well, you can grab a branded thing cheaper than in a boutique for example.

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