What to do if I hurt the girl, brought her to tears, but she forgave me, said that she was bored with me and left for another man?

Answer from: Olga Korve:
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Leave the girl alone, at least for a while. You yourself understand that she was offended and this is probably not the first time this has happened if she has decided to leave you for another. You may never be able to get it back again.

Answer from: Oleg Urban:
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Good afternoon, in my opinion here to decide for you. If you feel the strength to fight for her attention, you can try. If you decide to accept her decision, try to learn from this situation and in the future, when dealing with girls, build on it. The Choice is Up to You.

Answer from: Yury M.:
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Hi Danil,
Here are the options:
1. Forgive and let go.
2. Wait for the other guy to bring her to tears too, and then you apologize and say affectionate words and bring her back;
3. Find another girl, maybe she won't come to tears (assuming your action towards her wasn't very serious).

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