What to do if I often mix up the wrong side of knitting?

Answer from: Irina Kozlova:
Librarian, cottager, volunteer for work with stray animals...

If you are knitting a canvas with a pattern, then look at the pattern. You can often tell the wrong side and the right side easily if you've already done several rows.
For solid colors, you can look at the yarn. Usually, if you knit on the right side, the thread will hang down on the left side of the piece. If you knit on the wrong side, then on the right side.
If you crochet with a textured yarn, when you crochet clockwise, your thumb will be on the outside of the piece and the hook will go inside the piece. If you work on the wrong side, counterclockwise, your thumb is inside the piece and the hook goes to the outside.

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