What to do if I suffer from self-harm (self-harm)?

Answer from: Julian Avramov:
Lifehacker, writer, poet...

Hi Nastya. You know, people often punish themselves in one way or another. It can be not only cuts and bruises, but also illnesses, severe injuries and other troubles. Sometimes it's not really your condition. Or rather, it's not yours at all. You can deal with it later with a psychologist. For now, look at yourself as the best friend in the world. Or a friend, the closest and most good, the best in the world. And when you see her and understand how bad she's feeling right now, can you help her? Can you convince her, your best friend, that this is not the way to hysterize your body, that you need to take care of it, and your soul too. You always have to take care of yourself. Especially now. You really need yourself now, Nastya. To grow up, to become stronger in spite of such trials.
Our parents always love us. They love as they know how, as they could learn love from their parents. Sometimes this love may seem strange. But if they give us life, they also agree to love us, even if it is difficult. We, in turn, can pass on our love to our children in other ways. And it's our choice how we do it. I think your grandmother would be sad if she saw what's going on with you and she would tell you not to do that.
In the meantime, you need to take care of yourself. The best thing is to see a psychologist, you can go to school or other places.
Take care, Nastya

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