What to do if my girlfriend left me for another man after a year of relationship?

Answer from: Yermolaev Evgeny Anatolievich:
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It all depends on what you really want now.
You want her back, you have to do one thing.
You want her to regret her departure, you have to do another thing.
If you want to get over her, you have to do a third thing.
But - in any case, you have to sit down and analyze your mistakes, what you did wrong, what caused her leaving.
And try to avoid them in a new relationship.

Answer from: Vyrvidub Svyatogryzych:
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Rejoice that you were her first and left a pleasant enough impression of you that she didn't decide to stop dating the opposite sex.) Of course it's sad that they left you, but the situation is quite ordinary. You need to move on, try to remember the good things that were in your relationship.

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