What to do if the pancakes tear?

Answer from: Odysseus O.:

There could be several reasons:
1. There are not enough eggs in the batter. When kneading the pancake batter, strictly follow the recipe. Eggs hold all the ingredients together and keep baked goods from tearing and sticking to the pan. The lack of this ingredient disrupts the density and structure of the dough. To save the dough, add 1-2 eggs and a few tablespoons of flour. Mix everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps, and proceed to bake.
2. Not enough flour. The dough evaporates during frying and most of its moisture evaporates. If the pastry is too thin, it is almost impossible to turn the pastry upside down without damaging it. It is easy to correct the mistake by adding a little more flour and thoroughly mixing the dough until homogeneous.
3. Not enough fat in the batter. This can make pancakes not stick easily to the pan. If you notice the problem, simply add a few teaspoons of lean oil to the batter.

Answer from: Pavel Maksimov:
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I add boiling water. Milk to water ratio about 50:50. Tight pancakes. Milk makes them thin and soft, but they often tear. Although my family has three children and the problem of torn pancakes in front of me is not

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